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Holder’s Happenings AUGUST 2013 – Vol.I - ISSUE 229


AUGUST 2013 – Vol.I - ISSUE 229


Holder’s Happenings



A couple of weeks ago, I shared with you that I thoroughly enjoyed a private orchestral performance by young people (currently ages 8-13) at the Aeolian Performing Arts Centre at 795 Dundas Street. It was simply wonderful. Kids from around the city, young ones who might not otherwise get the opportunity, were given a chance to learn a musical instrument. The program is designed for every child, because every kid should have access to music, and the program was designed to provide equity of access. To hear them perform solos and duets, then as perform a group was inspiring. Imagine, until this program started, these kids had never played an instrument. According to organizer Clark Bryan (also responsible for running the Aeolian) the idea came from El Sistema, a program initiated in Venezuela and is now spreading around the world. The goal is to effect social change for these young people through the pursuit of musical excellence. To me, what I saw was pride of accomplishment and a love of music in these kids. PHOTOS


There is no cost for a child to join the program and instruments are provided for the classes and performances.  Clark’s vision is to take it into Lorne Avenue Public School in the Fall; it’s hoped this will avoid transportation barriers for the kids and increase participation. It will be a pilot, with the hope of spreading the program around the city. If you want to learn more about how it works, go to www.aeolianhall.ca.


Here’s the thing – I saw some violins and violas, a few cellos – but not very many. There was no string bass, no instruments like the oboe, clarinet, bassoon, trumpet, trombone, and guitar – things that could be incorporated into this amazing program if the instruments were only there. I know the program would benefit hugely if you would do just one thing – take a look in your closet or attic. Do you have an instrument, you know, the one that hasn’t been played in years? Do you have a music stand or case hanging around? Would you consider donating it to the Aeolian Hall to let them give this gift of music to London’s kids? It would make such a difference.


Call Clark – his number is 519 675-1357…or call me at 519 473-5955. Tell us you have an instrument you want to donate. One of us will come by and pick it up…and thanks for caring about our kids!


For Job Seekers –this section is important for Londoners seeking job opportunities! Please contribute to my list of employment links at www.edholdermp.ca/joblinks by passing along job links to help all those seeking employment.  If you are an employer looking for staff in London, please advise me.  If you know of firms who are hiring, just let me know.  My list of employment links continues to grow, so please accept my thanks. This week Tepperman’s London location has an opening for a full-time sales person. For more information visit their website.  Alliance iCommunications is looking to hire between 40 – 60 Inbound Customer Service Representatives and between 10 – 20 Outbound Sales Representatives. They are holding a Job Fair at Citi Plaza in front of Good Life Fitness on Thursday, August 15th from 9AM – 7PM. The Sunshine Foundation is looking for a Program Coordinator. To apply email: careers@sunshine.ca. Jim Nother has advised me that Nothers Signs and Recognition in London has a position open for a qualified Operations Manager to look after its production facility; qualifications: Industrial Engineer (college or university) with 3-5 years experience. Email hector@nothers.com with your cover letter and resume.


Last Issue We Asked You... - “Do you think marijuana should be legalized?44% said YES, 50% said NO and 6% said UNSURE. (783 votes). 


This Week’s Question.... So this week I am asking: “Would you consider donating a musical instrument to the Aeolian Hall’s El Sistema program for kids? Please visit www.edholdermp.ca/poll to vote.   


Meetings & Delegations

  • Dealt with a number of issues through my constituency office and Ottawa, including: Immigration, Wireless Providers, CBC, Law Enforcement, Fracking, GMO Alfalfa, Exotic Animal Imports, Foreign Embassies, Medical Marijuana, Incandescent Light bulbs, Gay Rights, Oil Shipping;
  • Did a media interview with Janice Dickinson from Western regarding potential changes to Canada’s impaired driving laws;
  • Took part in the Evening by the Mediterranean fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity, with special thanks to hosts: Bill and Connie Graham and thanks to Jeff Duncan for his important leadership at Habitat;
  • Met with George Thomson of the London Beefeaters who apprised me of his group’s relationships with connected organizations to expand football in London;
  • Was given a tour of Lamperd Less Lethal Ltd. in Sarnia compliments of President, Barry Lamperd and VP Military Contracts Murray Munro;
  • Had meetings in my London office with constituents dealing with their issues;
  • Honoured the scholarship recipients supported by the London and St. Thomas Real Estate Board.


Spread Some SunshineThe Sunshine Foundation of Canada, which I am proud to support by sitting on their National Board, is excited to announce launch of the 14th Spread a Little Sunshine campaign across Canada with their valued partners, WINNERS and HomeSense. Until September 1st, Winners and HomeSense are running the Spread a Little Sunshine campaign which means every time you share #spreadsunshine on Facebook and Twitter, WINNERS and HomeSense will donate $5 per share to a Sunshine DreamLift. Decals that benefit The Sunshine Foundation are also being sold in their stores. By helping share #spreadsunshine, you will make more dreams for sick and disabled children come true. For more information please visit: http://www.sunshine.ca/


Justice for Victims of CrimeLast week some media outlets reported that convicted killer Paul Bernardo had requested, through the Parole Board, to be transferred to a medium security prison. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney summed up the thoughts of the federal government and all Canadians when he issued the following statement: “Our thoughts and prayers remain with the families of Leslie Mahaffy and Kristen French, whose lives were taken too soon. Paul Bernardo was convicted of heinous and despicable crimes. While I do not control the security classification of individual prisoners, I have received assurances that there are no plans to move this inmate to a medium security institution.” Bravo Minister Blaney; to protect our kids, Bernardo should never be anywhere but in a maximum security facility.


New ePassports - Canada's new and more secure 10-year ePassport is now available. The new, 10-year ePassport provides more convenience for Canadians, and facilitates safe, secure travel. The Canadian passport is a privilege of citizenship and a reflection of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship. ePassports are the international norm in travel documents. They contain technologically-advanced features, including an embedded electronic chip, to prevent fraud. The chip stores the same personal information as what is recorded on the second page of the passport (except for the signature) as well as a photo and a digital security feature that proves that the passport was issued by the Government of Canada. To combat fraud, once the personal information is stored on the chip, it cannot be modified without invalidating the passport. At $160, a 10-year passport provides better value for money, as it costs less per year than the previous cost of a 5-year passport. It also means you will not have to renew your passport as frequently. For more information, please visit: www.passport.gc.ca.


Events Listing – Please submit your upcoming event! The events listing page at http://www.edholdermp.ca/events is always changing. Most events are family-friendly and free. If you want your event listed, please follow the submission process at www.edholdermp.ca/events/submit.





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